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Ensure an efficient customer service oriented operation by planning, organizing and controlling available resources to achieve station and departmental goals and objectives in areas related to Hub Operations.


  • Ensure all delays are fully investigated, documented and that appropriate action is taken to prevent reoccurrence
  • Evaluate and analyze present methods of efficiency, correct interpretation, and corporate image and make modifications thereto ensure continuous reliability and high standards of performance.
  • Maintain open, informative and mutual lines of communication with the Hub Director, Department Heads, Supervisors and Agents
  • Lead, direct and control the activities of the Operations Agents and Tower Supervisors in carrying out their responsibilities.
  • Formulate and develop local methods and procedures consistent with corporate objectives to achieve optimum levels of customer service within budgetary and manpower constraints.
  • Administer disciplinary action as required and in accordance with guidelines.
  • Direct, control and take charge in real time flight irregularities.
  • Preplan next day manpower requirements and schedule personnel.
  • Review absenteeism with Administration assistance and ensure proper follow up is initiated
  • Monitor overtime to ensure proper application of call in procedures and that distribution of overtime staffing is consistent within budgetary constraints.
  • Responsible for development and training of all Operations personnel and Tower Supervisors. Perform evaluations of Tower Supervisors on annual basis.
  • Responsible for establishing a point of contact for SOC/Dispatch.
  • Assist Flight Operations with crew notification.
  • Responsible for preplanning Bank to Bank operations within the Hub.
  • Responsible for notifying departments within the Hub of priority flights, i.e.; Transition flights, Quick turns, Flights with lengthy flight times, etc
  • Manage flight track and Crew Trac to ensure maximum crew and a/c efficiency.
  • Participate in morning "Kick-Off” conference call with SOC to provide Hub status for preparation (i.e. GSE status, jet-bridge status, airport conditions, etc.) and staffing for daily operation.
  • Manages the operation of the commissary department as directed by the Base Manager.
  • Oversees the Commissary cleanliness, condition of equipment and furnishings, portion size, and food quality.
  • Ensures a safe environment exists, safe work habits are used, and compliance with security requirements are adhered to.
  • Directs employees by establishing short-term work goals, allocating resources, conducting performance appraisals, and recommending salary actions, hiring, and disciplinary actions.
  • Provides and prepares reports for on-time performance, shift, accident, equipment, injury, and other reports as assigned by the Base Manager.
  • Has limited authority over the commissary area with direction from the Base Manager.

Performs additional functions (essential or otherwise) as may be assigned from time to time.

Must possess the ability to communicate clearly in speech and writing.  Must be able to use personal computers for both word processing and data input functions.    Must be able to lift, carry, or move items weighing up to 70 lb.

High School graduate and two (2) year college or equivalent airlines experience...or any combination of education and experience which enables one to perform the job functions.

Ability to work in a fast-paced environment handling multiple tasks with a high degree of attention to detail.  May be required to work nights, weekends, or holidays.