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First Officer Job Description

Endeavor Air, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, has more than 4,000 employees. Flying as Delta Connection, Endeavor Air operates regional jets up to 1,000 daily flights for Delta Air Lines to more than 100 cities in the United States and Canada. The headquarters is located in Minneapolis, MN, and main pilot domiciles are located in Detroit, Minneapolis and New York.

We are well known for running a safe, reliable and on-time airline, providing a professional and comfortable air transportation experience to our customers. We take pride in hiring the most qualified associates that strive to grow and develop their careers and our organization.


  • Works under the direction and supervision of the Chief Pilot.
  • Maintains a high level of knowledge in the following areas: Company Policy and Manuals, FAA Regulations, Operations Specifications and other technical data appropriate to aircraft operations.
  • Conducts flight operations in strict compliance with company policies, procedures, and federal regulations.
  • Maintains currency requirements with regard to medical, training, and hourly flight requirements.
  • Uses superior judgment to conduct safe and efficient flights in company aircraft.
  • Maintains a high level of personal decorum, professional conduct and personal appearance.
  • Maintains awareness of crew legality requirements and ensures timely communication to Chief Pilot's Office when status is in question.
  • Maintains required communication with maintenance and dispatch personnel when conducting flights.
  • Provides crew communication reports and crew incident reports to the Base Chief Pilot's office when required or requested.
  • Attends company training events to maintain currency
  • Ensures that passenger needs are met with regard to safety and comfort.
  • Provides relevant informational updates to passengers as needed.
  • Adheres to complete approved company uniform, company materials and flight kit as outlined in the Flight Operations Manual (FOM).
  • Provides Chief Pilot's Office with any information regarding the safety of flight.
  • Possesses excellent interpersonal and cognitive skills.

Performs additional functions (essential or otherwise) which may be assigned from time to time.


  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Legal authorization to work in the U.S
  • Must be able to read, write, fluently speak and understand the English language
  • Valid Passport and the authorization to travel to and from all cities and countries served by Endeavor Air
  • Current FAA First Class Medical
  • FCC Radio License, EPE (English Proficiency Endorsement)
  • Applicants must have an ATP, *or
  • Qualified to obtain a current ATP ( completed current ATP written, commercial multi-engine instrument pilot's license, and the following Aeronautical experience listed below:
Hrs Category Hrs Category
250 PIC Airplane* 100 PIC Airplane Cross Country*
200 hrs Cross Country ^^ 100 Night
50 Multi-engine Land 25 PIC Airplane Night*
100 Night 75 Instrument

(* May be a combination of SIC and PIC time if the SIC time has been acquired in operations that required a SIC under FAR.)

(^^ In the case of applicants with less than 500 cross country a restricted ATP will be issued)

In addition, one of the following four experience requirements must be met:

  1. Total time of 1500 hrs or greater
  2. Total time of 1250 hrs or greater with an associate's degree from an accredited two-year college aviation program where certificates were earned. (Certified verification form from the school is required)
  3. Total time of 1000 hrs or greater with a bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year college aviation program where certificates were earned. (Certified verification form from the school is required)
  4. Total time of at least 750 hrs or greater and a graduate of a U.S. Armed Forces pilot training school where you received a rating qualification as a military pilot. You must currently be serving or have a honorable discharge DD-214 (Evidence of qualification must be presented)


  • Must be able to work any shift, including nights, weekends, and extra hours.
  • Must possess valid driver's license and be insurable under company insurance policy.
  • DOT required pre-employment drug test
  • TSA required fingerprint based Criminal History Records Check and Endeavor Air background check
  • PRIA records check
  • National Driver Record check
  • Applicants must have an ATP, *or
  • Four Year College Degree Preferred

How to apply:

Applicants may apply for employment as an Endeavor Air pilot must be submitted through

Applications for Endeavor Air pilot positions may be submitted free of charge, though a fee may be charged if you wish to join Airline Apps as a member for added features. If you are already a member of the AirlineApps system, sign in to your account and add Endeavor Air to your target listing.